Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Love for You Will Never End

I decided to start a new blog in honor of my precious beautiful and amazing children. You, my dears, have been the greatest tool God has used in my life for growth. You have taught me to love like The Father loves... (and I'm still learning.) Thank you for your patience with me and teaching me more than I could ever possibly teach you.

My first entry, on this first day of 2013 will be the first poem I wrote and dedicated to each one of you.

To Jesse, Taylor, Alex, Kelsey, Jacob, Jonah, Maci, Isaac, Ella, Eli, Ave and Nick:

To My Precious Children:  My Love For You Has No End

No matter what, why or when
My love for you has no end.
Ups and downs, highs and lows
from my heart this love will flow.
Whether its received or not
This love I give will never stop.
Misunderstood at times, I know
That is when it only grows.
Your hearts are what I love the most
Precious, dear, I hold them close.
I see the good and gifts in you
My love for you each day renewed.
The smartest thing I ever did
Was say, "Lord, Please choose my kids.
Give me all the ones YOU want.
I'll hold their hands and love their hearts."
HE spoke: "They will change the World someday
But you will not understand the way.
My ways are higher than your ways
And my plans for them will NOT be swayed."
"I trust you, LORD," was my response
And LOVE Himself became our bond.
You're the greatest thing I've ever done
You're the greatest prize I've ever won.
No matter where your road goes
My love for you will always show.
You're the joy of my life my Daughters & Sons
My love for you can't be undone.
No matter what, where or when
My love for you has no end.